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Woke up in the mood big time today needed an early morning fix so I called Nikki @ RM knowing they open earlier than most agencies hoping to book Allison. My luck, she was available at my requested time.

Opened the door and as advertised skinny good looking young babe. Followed her to the room with my eyes fixed on her great ass and those long legs. Mandatory shower and she is waiting for me giving me a big smile. Chit chat a little, making sure she gets comfortable before I attack her cause Jr was ready for game.

No LFK none what so ever she just went straight to intense DFK and more sensual DFK to deep DFK. Wow, its a great start. I worked my way to Daty and digits without realizing its her passion. She just loves it, be gently in the beginning and you will get rewarded. Couldn't believe how long I was there, pure contentment.

She went to see my buddy and damn she is incredible. No hands BBBJ with DT action at times and she just kept on going and going till I had to make her stop. The sock came on and we started with her on top, I can tell she was really enjoying it by the color of her face turning red. Doggie style and she was so into that again, What a great ass.

Mish time with more DFK, she kept moving to my rhythm. Couldn't believe how far she spread both her legs. She then crossed them and finally with both legs together touching her face it happened.

Excellent service and will repeat
Guys treat her nice, be a gentleman and you will have a great time with this sex machine.


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Re: Allison @ RM

Another cool review BT, have her in my TDL because of FF you pushed her higher now


Re: Allison @ RM

king21 said:
Great stuff BT! Allison was the first SP I saw at RM, I can't believe you never saw her during her first stint there! Allison is a self admitted nymphomaniac, I got the vibe that she is in the biz just to satisfy her own sexual desires!

self admitted nymphomaniac, I got the vibe that she is in the biz just to satisfy her own sexual desires!
LOL :lol: Have to agree.

Was repeating too many times with Ashley, lily and Melina ;)


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Re: Allison @ RM

Another great review of this girl...she seems like a must see!


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Re: Allison @ RM

another super review by beenthere123.. thakyou! it's been a long time since i seen Allison, this review brought back many highlights of my session with her, especially the wild sex and ho hands BBBJ. It's getting harder and harder with all these beautiful girls on the TDagain list! and TDL

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