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Rank yours or is it in one of the 25?.

Ah, sex. Everyone loves it. Not everyone gets it. But getting some action is only half the battle. Not all sex is created equal. Let's run down all of the different types of sex you have in life and see what comes out on top. (Pun intended?)



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25. Your First Time (She tried to give me a blowjob to completion with a condom was lubed and spermicidal...we quickly decided just to have sex)
24. Long-Term Relationship Special Occasion Sex (Plenty of times...sometimes the only times)
23. With Her Cat Watching (Actually, we were house sitting and their dog watched the whole time)
22. Married Sex (Only at first and then infrequently)
21. Shower Sex (Don't get soap in anything!)
20. Car Sex (Not easy for a guy who's 6'5" but the hood was a good kept whoever was on the bottom warm.)
19. Netflix And Chill (Movie dates count?...I've been married since this came along)
18. Sexting (Old school sex chatting count?)
17. Dorm Sex While Your Roommate That You Don't Know That Well "Sleeps" In The Bed Four Feet Away (I never lived in a dorm, but many of my gfs did)
13. Pre-work Quickie (When I used to work's a good way to limber up)
12. Cheating Sex (Only once, I was drunk off my ass and I hated myself for it)
11. Food Sex (Whipped was sticky and didn't taste all that good)
10. Sex On The Beach (Don't get sand in anything!)
8. Public Sex (Goes with the car sex....the hood was on the car which was just off the freeway late at night...several cars passed by)
7. Drunk Mistake Sex (See cheating above)
5. Beginning Of Relationship Sex (of course)
4. Makeup Sex (Some of the best times!)
2. Vacation Sex (Usually relaxing....until some guy is accidentally assigned our room and walks in while we're in the middle of it)
1. Anal Sex (Just once...I really didn't enjoy it but was excited that she was willing! Me into her, not the other way around!)

16. Mile High Club (No opportunities)
15. The Sex Tape (Too self conscious!)
14. The Threesome (Too self conscious!)
9. Role-Playing (I'm not much of a "pretender")
6. Honeymoon Sex (Didn't go on a honeymoon)
3. Crazy Girl Sex (That's tough because it depends on how you define crazy....but most of my girls have been pretty normal)

It's been a fairly good sex life but not spectacular. I'm sure if I had been more confident about my body (endowment) I would have done much much more!


I haven't done the Mike high and avoided the sex tape
although I do have pics :)


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Just heterosexual so far. But I do drink so who knows :)
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