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Joined Mar 24, 2013
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I met Alison for the first time recently for a one-hour appointment. She worked before at AT/PS and she is now at Jade Spa. However, she is currently working from one of the ALO locations because Jade Spa is under major renovations.

Alison is a friendly girl in her twenties with a cute face and a nice body. During the first part of the session, Alison gave me a good, relaxing massage. After about 30 minutes, it was time for the flip. She took off her clothes and put a towel over my eyes and started softly teasing me with her finger and nails and with some kisses on my legs, hips and chest.

I was clearly responding to her teasing and she made sure I had an exciting finish (all within MA boundaries). Alison is a sweetheart and I will certainly meet her again soon.
Joined Mar 24, 2013
Messages 97
I had a second session with Alison recently at TheNewBliss, ALO new spa. The session was identical to the first one and I left a happy man. The new spa is situated in the West End, near Merivale and Hunt Club. It has big rooms with a shower in each room. However, the shower in my room was rather small compare to what you have in other spas like Vibe and CMJ. The spa is on a second floor and there is a camera at the top of the stair near the door.
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