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Alexandra at the Dietz- Oct 2019

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After visiting 6 other clubs in the previous 3 days I decided to stop in at one of my favorite smaller clubs ..... the Dietz. My original idea was to do a session with the much talked about Admira who I never got a chance to meet on my previous visits. I paid the now 40 Euro entry and looked at the photo cards in the display case. Admira was finally here when I was. The only problem was that I was tired so I took a nap on one of the Couches to rest up for Admira.

I woke to hear glasses clinking as some girl was collecting them. When I glanced up I saw a nice set of tits and figured it was Anna but as the girl walked away I noticed she had blondish hair. I got up and checked the photos again but couldn't find the girl so I walked around and saw her sitting on a loveseat. It was a new girl named Alexandra . A little thinner and not as pretty as Anna but she interested me so I sat next to her.

Alexandra wasn't exactly all that friendly on the Loveseat and I should have know better then but the little head wanted those Tits so we went to a room together. In the room Alexandra said it would be 4o Euros for 30 min. and sex with condom only and I agreed. On the Bed I tried kissing her but she only did light pecks. While I massaged one of her soft pointy puffy tits she roughly rubbed my Dick. When I bent down to kiss her Tits she pulled away. I decided I needed to get her in the mood so I told her I wanted to Lick her Pussy. She said no & complained about my facial hair. I told her I would only lick lightly with my tongue. She relented and I lightly licked her pussy without making any contact with my facial hair against her legs. After less than a minute she pulled away . I told her to give me a blowjob then. Alexander bent down and did a nice job for about a minute before I starting feeling teeth scrapping my Dick.

I decided just to Fuck her instead . She applied a condom and sat on my Dick. I did manage to grab a handful of her soft Titties for a moment before leaned back and quickly began to bounce on my Dick. It wasn't doing anything for me so I had her switch to Doggy. Doggy was OK but then I made the mistake of having her turn over so i could get on top of her . She just laid there like a dead fish. I decided this wasn't going anywhere for either of us but to avoid a scene I faked popping just to get out of there.

At the lockers I gave her the 40Euros and she was the ONLY girl out of the dozens of others at the Dietz that I had did a room with who didn't kiss me after paying her.

With the limp Dick & bad mood I was in I just showered and left . Admira would have to wait for another time!
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