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Finally able to find the time to post these reviews for the past 2-3 months, starting with Alana.

One of those nights where I decided it was time for a change. Instead of seeing a known lady that was tried and true I wanted to just see someone new. Also being in the mood for someone more petite in size, one of the ladies that interested me was Alana at Diamonds. Her info is accurate. Hair colour at that time was a dirty blond.

She’s very new to the biz and I was hoping for the best since I rarely if ever see anyone that’s brand new. As I found out when I saw her, this was her first week on the job. Alana arrived on time a bit shy almost timid/scarred look on her face, understandable for someone new. We greeted each other with a nice hug and kiss and chatted a while to get more relaxed before moving to more comfortable surroundings.

In short order we were naked and having some fun. Kissing is more LFK/LFK light with all services covered. Oral skills are okay. Alana was receptive to DATY but eye contact was minimal. We tried multiple positions and in some I was concerned because her facial expressions hinted at a lot of discomfort but Alana said she wasn’t. In CG her eyes were closed tight and head turned to the side almost a feeling that she was rushing even though I don’t think she was aware.

We finished round one with each of us satisfied and as we cleaned up she was dressed quickly with lots of time left. Under the circumstances her being very new and still trying to figure things out it was better just to ease back and chat a bit until her ride arrived. It was a nice discussion and I did take the opportunity to mention a few things such as an elastic or hair band and eye contact.

Because Alana is so very new and still trying to figure out what’s what, time with her was okay but not great. Time will tell if her comfort level in the biz and service improves.


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