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Joined Apr 11, 2010
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After a poor experience with another agency I was eager to book another appointment and get back on the horse so to speak.

After doing a little bit of homework, I made the booking a couple of hours before my appointment. Booking was easy, phone people were friendly and helpful especially by helping me find the location as I hit major construction on the way to the place. When I arrived I was a little more than 15 minutes late and had no problem getting inside and making it to the room.

Adriana opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised as she looked better than her pictures and a GND face. As others have mentioned she is not a spinner but by no means larger, she was very easy on the eyes and curvy. She was very friendly and we had a little bit of small talk.

She wasted no time and started a great BBBJ. There wasnt much DT but a lot of mixture of wet, BLS and HJ, she carried on until I had my first SOG and ending with CIM.

After a quick cleanup we started round two and on goes the cover. She was definetly willing to please with CG, doggie and a couple of positions. Round two ended with with a great tit-fuck as I could not keep my eyes and hands off her chest.

I would definetly recommend and repeat. Other point I should mention is even after showing up late they accomodated me and had my time start from when I arrived and not cut the session short.

Tiger Woods

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Joined Mar 23, 2010
Messages 740
Nice review and good info on adriana what was the other agency you had a bad experience with and why.


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Joined Mar 11, 2010
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Thanks Northern. Maximum treat their clients first rate. Continue to hear good things about Adriana. Thanks for the review.


Nice review Northern and welcome to the CAERF family.

She looks like she has an awesome BEEEE- hind too :)

oyster shucker

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Joined Dec 9, 2009
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What's with the pics of Maximum's girls. I keep reading that the pics don't match reality. How is it that Adrianna looks super slender yet in reality she's quite larger. That also goes for other max. girls who've been reviewed.

I just don't like the misrepresentation. I have been reluctant to use this agency for this reason.

bad boy

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Joined Jan 9, 2010
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Great review northern. Adriana's got a hot look. Her profile states she's EE, does she have an accent? Thanks in advance.


Joined Apr 11, 2010
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bad boy said:
Great review northern. Adriana's got a hot look. Her profile states she's EE, does she have an accent? Thanks in advance.

Maybe someone else can chime in, but I don't remember an accent.


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Joined Jan 31, 2010
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Nice review and if she looks anything like the pics, count me in!


Joined Aug 12, 2010
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I've seen Adriana three times now, and that she was my first repeat and three-peat says it all. I'm pretty new to this particular board and so this is my first review of her here.

In my opinion, she's a true beauty and a true delight. She was on me from the moment I walked in the door, even the first time I saw her...she has an open-minded and active menu...she's friendly and fun to be with...she's into things I enjoy (Russian, lots of bbbj, etc.)...and she has breasts that I just love looking at move around the room. But no, she doesn't seem EE to me - maybe Scottish-ish?

I will repeat again. But first I'd like to see Katie (and maybe this new gal Olivia).

Alex Baldwin

Joined Jan 27, 2011
Messages 176
I only saw Adriana once but she was one of the few girls that could have got me to threepeat MSOG. Her facials are to die for and was able to squeeze in two with what I had hoped as time to spare but was not the case unfortunately.
Fun Girl, nice full body, crazy great boobs and amazing service.
Certainly a go to girl for gauranteed good time.
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