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I had visited Acapulco Gold last year and although there were not that many girls in this small, club I still found a few gems. On this trip we had to check out of our AirBnb at 10 am so we had some time to kill before driving to larger club north of Frankfurt to spend the evening in. We arrived at 10 am exactly and the parking lot was empty. After pressing the buzzer numerous times someone finally opened the door and told us we are too early. I showed him it was 10 am on my watch and he then showed me it was 9am on his cell phone and said time change. It seems Germany changes to daylight sooner than in the USA. We left and had a coffee at a McDonalds we found open down the street. When we arrived back at 10:15 at the now open club the parking lot was almost full. With ours there were 22 vehicles parked.

We paid the 20E entry ( site said 25E but maybe it was an early bird deal on Sunday.?) . After washing in the circular shower with 4 shower heads in the center making it look a big circle jerk as 4 guys faced each other washing their Dicks ,we walked into the small main lounge. The many leather couches were mostly occupied by guys. We found an empty couch and sat down. Within the next 1/2 hr or so girls started coming into the lounge and because there were so many guys taking up the seating they were forced to sit together including sitting on the arms of the couches. We watched the girls for a while especially when they got up and walked to the bar area to get a coffee or other drink.

Then I noticed a very attractive slender girl with great legs enter the room and sit down, I approached her and asked if she spoke English and she replied that she did. Her name was Caro and she was from Romania but she didn't look Romanian . Caro had softer features. I asked her what part of Romania she was from and she replied the southeastern part near Moldova. I told her I wanted to continue our talk in the room.

In the room Caro undressed revealing some very nice large B cup breasts with pink nipples. On the bed we began kissing softly & she then began to massage me and I did the same to her. Caro then started a slow wet BBBJ and then when I was hard she sucked me a little harder and deeper into her mouth. I watched her sweet face as she sucked my Dick for a few minutes before I moved around to lick her pussy while we did 69. Caro started making very soft moaning noises and she would also slightly jerk her pelvis whenever my tongue hit her clit. I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of her petite ass and pulled her into my mouth as I licked and sucked on her labia.

I told Caro I wasd ready and she appied one of those Red condoms and moved around for Doggy as I requested. The room had a mirror on the wall so I got to watch myself as I fucked her from behind. The view looking down as I held her ass was nice too. Her pussy was warm and snug so I spent some time doing doggy with her moaning once in a while. It felt nice but it was still that damn thicker Red Condom. I then had her turn over she applied more lube before guiding me into her. Caro soon raised her legs up slightly and she began to kiss my neck and lightly run her fingernails up and down my back . Red condom or not her wet warm pussy felt great as I fucked her with long deep strokes . As I was getting close she wrapped her arms around me and I fucked her harder & faster until I popped.

We stayed on the bed talking afterwards and she told she came all by herself to Germany. Caro worked at Samya for a while and then she said the new friends she met there were leaving for Acapulco Gold so she joined them. I told her with her looks and service she could do a lot better at a bigger club like Sharks. Caro replied she heard from other girls what sharks was like to work in and she said she rather stay where she was. At the lockers I gave 50E and when she tried to give me change I told no and added she was well worth the 50E . I told her she made my day.

Vinnie one of my friends saw some Black Haired Girl in a white one piece bathing suit and said she good in the room but he didn't remember her name. He paid her 40E.
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