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Absolute Proof Women don't have the sex drive Men do

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Joined Jun 19, 2011
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escapefromstress said:
I've met men who've been traumatized by being sexually assaulted by women, against their will.

Indeed. If memory serves, something like 10% of all sexual assaults are perpetrated on men, but only a very small fraction are reported.


Joined Dec 23, 2010
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MisterAsianLover said:

Please don't play the white knight scenario that so many men play when they know women are watching, reading etc.
Uhmmmm, white knight.... not at all. Havent you met any woman who was incredibly horny and demanding and you couldnt keep up with? Sorry I wasn't replying to your theory regarding Absolute Proof Women don't have the sex drive Men do. Instead it made me think of the women in my past and some of them were incredibly horny. Ironically 2 of them were Asians. :biggrin2: The other one was Caucasian.


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ON talk radio and private conversation the idea of male rape is one of fun and amusement. The recent fun about chopping of a male penis because males deserve that on a talk show by Sharon Osborne

Similarly when a kid was raped by a bunch of women at the apply made Paradise Hill most find it a riot. When men are raped its funny, when women are raped its sad.


Joined Jul 23, 2012
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papasmerf said:
Peace is not one to jump in and play white knight.............He will always give his honest assessment when he expresses his views...

Yes he will tell us when we are wrong but as adults we must learn that we are not always right or agreed with.
You have yet to learn that while you see your views as the absolute truth, you fail to appreciate the fact that others are not afflicted with your insight.

It seems Peace went from being a bully to a white knight. First of all, based on his history, he is definitely not a bully. As a white knight, I highly doubt it as he did reject some women.

Regarding this thread, I used to joke wishing I was gay so I could find a man and have sex on the spot (keep in mind it was a joke but if you feel the need to attack me, then go for it).I just know based from my history with women, I cannot do this. When I am with a woman, I often initiated the sex. Yet there were times I have met women who had higher sex drives than mine but there are only a few of them.

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