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A rendezvous with Camille Haring... a great way to start off the day

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J Strummer

Joined Jul 9, 2013
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Camille was visiting Toronto. She announced it with some days in advance. Some ads were posted here with the dates... and I couldn't be happier. Except for the fact that my calendar was quite busy already in the days she was going to be in our beloved city. Nonetheless, I was able to move things a couple of things around in order to see her and I was able to meet her Friday morning, before she departed on her way back to Montreal.

I had the chance to meet Camille in Montreal once so I couldn't miss the opportunity to see her while she was here... I knew what I'd be missing!

She's a very beautiful, nice and friendly francophone Quebecoise girl (bilingual: she speaks English very well). She's very easy-going and fun (she has a lovely smile and a very contagious laugh), but she's also a passionate girl.

Her looks are those of a pin-up girl... with a bit of an alternative twist (her hair color is purple) and her body is beautifully shaped with some amazing curves. Oh boy... those curves. And those green eyes of her... enchanting. A naturally beautiful girl with a very nice personality. Period.!introduction/c240r

Set up a morning rendezvous with her. Got to the place she was staying at... elevator up... and when the door opened... wow... a warmth and affectionate reception... an exchange of "Hello, how are you?'s"... A nice chit chat to catch up and then... a moment to remember, until I see her again. (Oh yeah... I'll definitely see her again)

LFK in between our chat... until the chat stopped because some very nice DFK. While our tongues playing with each other, our hands started exploring our bodies... until passion just ruled the game and things between us got a little bit more intense. I laid her on her back and spent some delightful with her beautiful, natural, breasts... then moving down for some amazing DATY time... that we both enjoyed very, very much. Then she got up and while I was just kneeling down on the be I got one amazing BBBJ. The view and the moment just made the passion grew bigger and we decided to get unto other things... which involved a latex cover and MPOS... no need to get into the details of what MPOS involved. It's enough to that all the action was mutually enjoyed... VERY much enjoyed.

But all good things come to an end... unfortunately... and I still had a full day of work ahead of me. (Folks... believe me... it took some extra effort to get into work mode after such an amazing time with Camille).

Looking forward to her next visit to our city... or to my next trip to La Belle Province.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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You know you could have introduced her to Nutellaman so should would have had company while you were at work!


She is so cute, nice review Strummer.

Joined Oct 14, 2015
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Don't you ever introduce her to Nutellaman, specially if you want to see her again. Remember Nutella. Is not good for them.

nice review! I guess you were busy last week. how do you manage?
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