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Niagara Falls A day at the Spa with Velvet Touch

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Please remember that YMMV, be respectful to the ladies and information is my POV.
I’m just glad to be in the high mileage club.

I was thinking about how to enjoy an afternoon with Velvet. Well, let’s do a spa day! I made arrangements with Velvet to spend an afternoon with her, and I secured a room at the Embassy Suites with a view of the Falls and Jacuzzi tub. As I drove to Niagara, my mind was racing with the plans that I had in store for the lovely Velvet. The room was fantastic and I had a lovely bra and panty set for Velvet to model for me and a bottle of shiraz.

There was a knock on the door! Who that could be! Yes, it was Velvet with that great smile of hers. She greeted me with a wonderful kiss and embrace and I led her to the main room. Velvet was taken by the view of the Falls, and I was taken by the view of her! We chatted for a bit, shared some wine, Velvet opened her gift, which was modeled later. She looked at me, smiled and said, “I like the stubble on your face.” Hmmm, I asked Velvet, “Have you ever shaved a man’s face.” She was startled and said, “NO.” Well, you’re going to today!

Off we went to the bath. I started to run the water for the Jacuzzi, and we disrobed. I placed a warm, wet hand towel on my face and lathered it up. Velvet was very nervous as I guided her hand on the upstroke of my neck and then on the down stroke of my cheek. Her nervousness went away and she became quite excited as her nipples enlarged. She blurted out, “This is so sexy.” Velvet did a great job!

We entered the bath; it was so soothing and to see the bubbles on her luscious 32dd’s is incredible. Velvet is one very sexy young woman with curves that don’t end! We were in the bath facing each other, and I massaged her feet and she did mine as well. From the warm bath, we then entered the shower, where Velvet took the soap and sensually washed every inch of my body. I returned the favour taking the soap and tracing her incredible assets from head to toe. Wow, does she look good in a towel!

Velvet, in towel, was looking out the window, she turned and smiled at me, and I asked her to drop the linen. She looked great naked against the window. I wandered towards her, placed my arms around her hips and we engaged in a passionate kiss. Velvet dropped to her knees and said, “It’s time to go to the CANDYSHOP.”

It was time for me to return the favour to Miss Velvet. I do enjoy orally pleasing this woman and I asked her, “How many licks does it take!”
It’s fantastic to have Velvet squirming as my tongue stimulates her love button.

Neither of us could handle the oral stimulation any longer, Velvet kissed me and said, “I want you inside me and don’t stop until you hit the hot spot!”

For what felt like an eternity, Velvet and I grinded our bodies together, and when I placed her legs in the air that was it. She started quivering and shaking intensely on me. I said, “You like the way I PLAY!”

Once again, Velvet and I had a wonderful afternoon together!



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Dapperdon said:
HOF bro ? Man you sure know how to do it up !
Very fun read and a fantasy come true from how it reads on this end


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Great review like the added youtube action you sure know how to have a good time Hof.


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A visit is in order after your review Hof, thanks for sharing her with us members.
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