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Well that was a lot of money well spent.

Can't believe people still voted for Mister Dressup.

I know hundreds of $millions means nothing to the idiot, as he we heard him throwing around $billions during his campaign like its pocket change.

Of course, he doesn't follow up on his promises, so maybe we will just be stuck $424,000,000 per day intertest charges.

His idea of handling the Covid pandemic, was to attempt to buy vaccine from his favorite Commie country, China, and then buy useless PEP from the same scum.
Then, next, he tries to buy vaccine from India.

So now he is way behind in procurement, and then goes crawling to Western sources, and guess what, now he has to pay a big premium, but who cares, its just money.
I know a lot of people belong to unions, especially civil servants, so don't have the same pressures that the average populations does, but smarten up, Hair dos concept of managing ANYTHING, will eventually have to be paid for.

But he doesn't give a shit, he will be set for life, if and when enough people smarten up and elect a responsible government.

When do you think the idiot will start building new slums, at great, and wasted expense, as a solution to housing ?

And now we may have the commie Dippers working him, holy shit, welcome to the down fall of Canada.

Smarten up people.
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Joined Mar 27, 2018
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Always feel better when I see one of your replies ;)

But seriously, how about some comments on my post.

I'm guessing you are a Fiberal, or maybe even a Greenie, so shouldn't be too hard to come up with a response, don't worry, I can take it. :)


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Why do you start calling me names without even knowing who I voted for? You just assume because I didn’t get in on the rant that I voted opposite to you.

I didn’t and don’t care to get into a political debate about an election that is over and I can’t do anything about for another 4 years.

Just seems like a waste of time. Especially on a board that has basically no members left. I have done my political debating on the red board where all the action is.

Sorry but I won’t comment.
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