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5 Changes that will Interest You

  • Welcome to the new CAERF.
    New management and more commited than ever! Have a look at some of the new features HERE.
    If you experience any issue please let us know in the proper forum.


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Hey guys!
As you may see, we were making some changes to our website because we want to improve your experience here. There are some of them!

1. Fresh and Modern Style
New CAERF, new style. We decided to change the look of our website for one that reflects what CAERF really is- a modern, elegant, and dynamic Adult community.

Adult forum style

2. New Categories
We have lots of exciting things to discuss and share! And we need more space to do it. That's why we created some new categories, like those:

escorts categories

vancouver escorts categories

3. New Regions
We want to become a fabulous Canadian Adult Community. So we decided to include new ADS and reviews sections for escorts and massage providers who are working out of Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal. Doesn't matter where you are, we'll be with you.

alberta escorts and massage forum

4. Better Organization
'Hey OldLady, there are lots of categories now. It's going to be a mess!'. Don't worry, we have thought about that. Use the new filter included in our board and customize your experience.

escorts filter

5. Faster
Time is gold so we speeded up our website. OK, we can't upload an image of that but try it yourself!

Do you like those changes? What do you think we should modify now?

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