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IN-Call 2nd ever date with Grace

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Continuing with my posting of past reviews from somewhere else. Second date with Grace at DM.

A bit of a back story before I get into the review.

I was supposed to see Grace the day before and made the appointment with Ron to meet her in Markham. Get to the location and called for room number but unfortunately they had problems getting their rooms because the hotel apparently overbooked. He told me he'd try and clear this up and get me into see Grace and I said I'd wait but it didn't happen as Grace got tired of waiting (she waited like 3 1/2 hours at the hotel) and went home.

Ron said if I could get a break on my next Dream appt. and I called later that night to try Grace the next day and he arranged it. On a side note he's apparently gone from Dream (maybe over this?) which is too bad as he was really excellent to deal with.

Called Dream the next day and Remy(?) said she'd have to confirm with the boss about the discount. Called me back and said it was fine.

Got to the hotel, got the room # and went up to see this fine girl I had an amazing time with before. Knocked on the door and was let in and there she was wearing a charming, casual black dress.

G: "Hi nice to see you again"
MB:"Same here"

Took care of business and started with some LFK. She led me to the bed and said, "You're wearing too much" and I agreed and started to undress for my shower and to of course fuck her imminently. Before I jumped in the shower I asked for a sneek peak and looked up her skirt to see a cute pair of red thong panties... mmmmmm.... nice!

Got cleaned up and she was waiting on the bed wearing everything. Started off very sensually with some LFK and us caressing each other and soon escalated to me mounting her and DFK ensuing. Wanted to see her naked and suggested we head over to the couch. I sat down and undid the belt part of her dress and then she lifted it over her head to reveal that skinny, slender body I had been jerking off to for weeks to me again. Red bra and panties. I love women in their underwear so had her model a little for me while peppering her belly, sides, back and ass with kisses. Unhooked her bra and ran my heads over her perky little breasts and played with her rock hard nipples. Leaned back on the couch and she straddled me for more DFK and putting her nipples on my mouth and her starting to writhe like a cat in heat. One of my favourite aspects of Grace is how responsive she is to my trying to please her in various ways and I do think it's genuine and not an act.

She started moving down and kissing my face, ears, neck, nipples till she made her way all the way down to my cock and put junior in her mouth. Started off with a very gentle bbbj and if you remember my first review I said her oral skills were very average but not at the level of other girls I had seen before. Well nothing she was doing had shown me that she had changed. Don't get me wrong, I was enjoying her ministrations but it wasn't blowing my mind at least not at that point............but I'm getting ahead of myself.

I told her I wanted to eat her pussy and she stood to take off her panties but only got them off one leg which I thought looked sexy. She laid down along the couch and I made my way from doing DFK to her breasts to her stomach to to her thighs and back up to her sweet, shaved pussy. Started by licking around her kitty and then going to work licking her lips, parting them with tongue to taste her juices (which were already flowing) and up to her clit. She writhed some more, grabbing what she could of the couch along with my hands and hair. In fact at one point while I was eating her out he had my left hand entwined with hers and she started twisting my fingers in response to what I was doing with my mouth. It never hurt or anything but I was worried that she might snap one of them! I was also exploring her with my fingers which she enjoyed as well YMMV.

We then moved to the bed, had her lie down and promptly mounted her face and this is where she changed my mind about her oral skills. Took my FFing her like a true pro, even DTing me there which I don't recall her doing on our first date. After a few minutes of that I had to fuck her so on came the cover and I mounted her doggie. She has, for my tastes, a perfect ass. Very firm, no sag and proportionate to her body type and it's great to look at while junior is doing the in and out in her kitty. While I was plowing her I wet my finger and rubbed her beautiful anus which she liked YMMV. I also played with her hair a bit to which she told me, "You can pull on my hair real hard if you want". Ok, so I pulled on her hair to which she said, "That's not hard, you can pull harder" so I grabbed as much of her hair as I could into a sort of ponytail and pulled REAL hard on it and she really liked it YMMV. So at this point I'm pounding her from behind while pulling her head back by her hair, fucking hot.

Flipped her over and moved her to the side of the bed where I mounted her in mish while I stood. Started with some easy, slow strokes and at times just stayed still inside her as her kitty is really tight but it's not a problem as she is naturally super wet too. She liked me grabbing her head while in this position as well. Picked up the pace and asked if I could cum on her tits and she said yes so pulled out and jerked off and gave her a pearl necklace, looked really nice.

We cleaned up and she put her underwear back on to which I asked, "Are we done?" as I booked for an hour. She said she was just really shy which I found hard to believe. We cuddled in bed and chatted in bed and she's a really friendly girl IMO.

Started round 2 with some more LFK to DFK and I resumed DATY and rimmed her asshole too. I kept this up till I believe she reached an O. She asked me if she came since she doesn't know if can or not. I licked her a bit and touched her and she was quite wet and not from my saliva either so I'll assume she came.

Then it was my turn and she turned up the volume on her BBBJ with lots of DT and licking my balls. My moved her over to the mirror in the room and she got on her knees and I FFed her in front of the mirror. 2nd SOG on her neck again which was fine as I wasn't in a 2nd FS mood.


Pretty much same as last time.

Face - 8/10 - I thought she's much prettier than last time. Has a very unique face. Very distinct bone structure, not the soft-faced Asian type.

Body - 8/10 - Slender, skinny, small breasts, firm ass, very much my type.

Service - 9.5/10 - Perfect GFE. If she was more verbal and did dirty talk she'd be a 10 IMO.

Damage - 180/Hour - My discount for the inconvenience I experienced the day before but normally it would be $240 an hour.

Repeat - YES - I'm going to masturbate to our session later on. Her and Gia of The Office are like my ATFs right now.


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Second review is even hotter were you not afraid her hair would come out :) She into light spanking MB?.


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When is your third date coming out MB, like the kinkiness of this gal.


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jagger said:
When is your third date coming out MB, like the kinkiness of this gal.

Oh I've had my 3rd date with her. Haven't decided when I'll review but suffice to say it was amazing.

forestgrumpy said:
Second review is even hotter were you not afraid her hair would come out :) She into light spanking MB?.

Her hair is pretty durable and she and I have a nice rapport where I know the limits of how far I can go with her. She does like when I spank her bum, especially when I'm buried deep in her pussy in doggie.


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MB I have seen Grace and she is everything your review says. She is very special and members should treat her with respect. Maybe we can tag team next time. :eek: only a joke.


Second dates are always better you get the special treatment, thanks bud.


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Rock said:
She your favorite SP MB, if not who is.

Probably. It's not necessarily the sex but the chemistry I feel with her. She's a true GFE in that I can believe this girl is my (porn star) girlfriend when I'm in session with her.

Outside of her I'd say Roksi at GOE is pretty fucking amazing for a sheer sexual rollercoaster.

Eva @ Warden & Sheppard is awesome because she treats me like a king and I get a great value 3some with her and her roommate when I feel the need to fuck 2 women at the same time.


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I like your second date better, you just answered my question about your to 3 SP thanks MB.
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