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IN-Call 2nd Date with Roksi (with GOE)

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Joined Nov 25, 2009
Messages 124
Met up with Roksi recently as she was at a location that worked for me. Made the appointment got the location and went up.

Greeted at the door by a new Roksi! She had her hair done so that it's kind of a bob style! Shorter and very stylish, I thought it looked great on her. She was also wearing a sexy outfit consisting of a black tank top that showed off the straps to her sexy black bra (which visually turns me on to no end) and a denim mini-skirt that showed off her nice legs. Underneath that was a sexy pair of black lace booty panties!

When I got in she recognized me from our previous date and greeted me with some LFK that quickly progressed to DFK. Roksi is a very sensual kisser. Also got turned on by her wonderful Irish lilt, especially later on when the dirty talk came on.

I asked her if I could get a sneak peek at her goods before taking a shower and she said sure. I lifted her skirt to reveal the black panties and then she pulled them to the side and said, "Look at my juicy Irish pussy!" It looked so tempting, too tempting in fact. I pushed her onto the bed, kept her panties pulled to the side and started eating her out right there! But then I came to my senses and started to get undressed so I could shower.

As I got undressed Roksi vividly described what she was going to do to me. E.g. FUCK MY BRAINS OUT, SUCK ME TILL I'M DRY, GET MY FACE WET WITH HER JUICY PUSSY, etc. As I strip off my shorts she says she wants a sneak taste of my cock before I hit the shower and gives it a quick BBBJ.

Took the quickest shower in the history of a john taking a shower. When I came out Roksi had moved a chair in front of the bed and was sitting in it, legs spread, skirt lifted and panties pulled aside again and her fingers rubbing her pussy as per my request before I entered the shower.
"Awwwww.... it's getting so wet already!"
"Prove it! Put a finger in there!"
She puts a finger inside of herself.
"Put two in."
She puts two in.
"AWwwwwwwww fuck, my pussy is so tight! I bet you want to find out how tight it is don't you? Why don't you put a finger inside my pussy!"

So I dropped to my knees in front of her, got a finger wet and inserted it in. It was pretty wet in there. Moistened two fingers with my spit in and put those in and she screamed "Fuck yeah!!!" I then started DATY on her sweet pussy.

We then picked up the pace and got her clothes off and I took the opportunity to suck on her lovely nipples and got them hard. We then moved towards the bed to where she made her way down my body and took me into an awesome BBBJ!

Maybe it's me but I've had BBBJs from girls with tongue piercings and they don't feel any different than girls with no piercings but whatever, Roksi sucked my dick like her life depended on it and she encouraged my own dirty talk.

"Suck my cock you dirty slut!"
"Oh yeah I'm your fucking slut for the next hour!"

She really liked it when I called her a slut, bitch and even a whore. YMMV and it's all in fun as I obviously don't have a negative opinion about Roksi.

Back to the oral, lots of sucking, lots of DT and LOTS OF GAGGING! She makes the best gagging sounds of any SP I've been with. Oh yeah, lots and lots of her saliva all over my cock and later on my thighs, balls, hands and face. This girl loves to spit on my genitals!

Got the cover on and mounted her in standing mish while she laid down on the bed.

"Fuck my Irish pussy!"
"Fuck me like the slut that I am!"
and so on and so forth.

I was actually worried she was going to alert the entire floor to what we were doing.

As we were in a nice rhythm of fucking she told me she wanted to taste my cum so I whipped the rubber off, mounted her face beside the bed and did 1st SOG in CIM (YMMV!)

Cleaned up, came back out and cuddled with her and talked. Fantastic girl to talk with and get to know.

2nd round was pretty much all oral as FS is kind of hard for me to do 2nd time around which was too bad as I really wanted to fuck her in doggie.

At one point she was on her back sucking me and then I got on top her to eat her pussy for me on top 69. The point of telling this being that she just let junior thrust in and out of her mouth like a piston.

I would keep changing positions of the BBBJ. From lying on the bed to her kneeling in front of me while I'm on the edge of the bed. She actually told me it was her turn to choose location and ordered me into the bathroom, sat me on the toilet, got on all fours and sucked me off that way! Unreal. Moved off the toilet to the door so that we could watch her suck me in the mirror which she loved.

Finally finished where we started on the chair she had moved and did another CIM for SOG 2.

Chatted some more and made my way out.

Closing note is that outside of a couple of certain things (absolutely no anal play, gentlemen please respect this about her) this girl could almost be PSE. Lots of YMMV things for me that I won't go into details about.

Never rushed me she comes with the highest recommendation!


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 100
Wow just read your first one second is a charm.

x t c

Well-known member
Joined Jan 9, 2010
Messages 87
nicely done mb. 0 cim during your first session, 2 cim on your second. at this rate, next time you might cim so many times, you'll be shooting-out knee cartilage.


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 91
I am a rookie do not think i want to start with her, what do you think MB.

Senor Gomes

She would be perfect for me if Greek were in her menu.


Well-known member
Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 558
Senor Gomes said:
She would be perfect for me if Greek were in her menu.

You cant always get everything, she has alot to offer i am sure you wouldnt even have time to think about greek.


Any chance she is back in Toronto this month? Been looking to find her again, but she is rarely in town or on schedule.

Lone Wolf

Joined Nov 16, 2009
Messages 1,978
Nice review. How toned is her figure; she seems to have a smoking hot body, with natural DD's.


Lone Wolf said:
Nice review. How toned is her figure; she seems to have a smoking hot body, with natural DD's.

Toned enough to drive you crazy with her dirty talk LW.

Lone Wolf

Joined Nov 16, 2009
Messages 1,978
Beenthere123 said:
Toned enough to drive you crazy with her dirty talk LW.

With the above review, and her smoking hot body, I just added her to my TDL.

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