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Niagara Falls 2018 reviews - part 1

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Dawn @ Diamonds - A long overdue review(s) of Dawn for which I apologize...sort of. Didn't want to write about her and wanted to keep her a secret to try to keep her all to myself. But I decided to share just like others have.

I'€™ll be honest and say I had my doubts about meeting Dawn because at that time she was 19. And often at that age there's too much 19 year drama I'd rather not deal with. Thankfully I was 100% wrong! Site pics and info 100% on the money although when I saw Dawn she had dark hair.

Dawn is young and vibrant with a great sense of humour and knows how to carry a conversation including a few zingers, once she gets to know you. And with all the times we have met we most definitely got to know each other quite well. 
Shy at first but that disappears as her comfort level increases. Having had the pleasure to spend more than a few sessions with her, I'll condense it down to a short and sweet review. GFE and all that's with it including BBBJ, CIM (YMMV), DFK, DT (YMMV) and very open, receptive and responsive to DATY. Yes to all of it. I also had the pleasure to spank her tushy (discussed well in advance every time we met) but not too hard that seemed to bring her a certain amount of pleasure also. Although not overly vocal when things were right Dawn's signs of pleasure are and were truly noticeable and a pleasure to watch.
Dawn is a fun young lady to spend time and IMO one of this area's go to ladies especially for someone so young. Repeat and recommend without a doubt! :good:

Jewel @ Diamonds - One of the best. I've reviewed Jewel in the past and there are many other reviews of Jewel so no need for details. But here's a Cole's note's version. Great attitude and service and requested firm or should I say very firm spanks of her tushy. And very firm tushy spanking it was. (Asked and discussed before we started). And such a nice tushy it is. :smile: Pics are spot on. Great DFK and very responsive to oral pleasure and returned the favour with teasing pleasure with a NQNS finish with a smile on her face. There was enough time to add a bit of toy play while we were in CG and that added a whole new meaning to a happy ending for both of us. And what a delight to watch Jewel's pleasure. Great attitude and service, who could ask for anything more? Repeat? Without a doubt! :biggrin2:

Belle, The original - Had the pleasure of a couple of intense visits with Belle.

This started with lots of passionate DFK and teasing hand play by both of us. That was a hit for both of us but seemed to ring Belle's bell in a very pleasurable way. In turn, that lead to an amazing BBBJ/DT that was next to heavenly and enough to rev our engines to have us joined at the hips. OMG it was serious but unadulterated F-U-N. Toss in a bit of external toy (and hand) stimulation and that buzz hit all the right spots that lead to another moment of pleasure. Still joined at the hips there was a momentary pause that allowed Belle (and me) to savour that moment as we caught our breath. The she started a slow but hot grinding motion mentioning "it's your turn"Â. Damn, Belle was just hot and sexy during this time as she milked every drop out of me.

We literally collapsed for a well needed break with both of us were smiling and laughing in pleasure. Yes we cleaned up a bit & rehydrated as I recall. And with enough time remaining we started again...DFK hand and toy play that peaked Belle's interest and then she finished me off with her exceptional BBBJ/DT skills.
Belle is an amazing lady not only for her skills but just because of the top notch person she is.

Sexy Gen aka Lady Angelique - Gen is a well established and well known SP in Niagara. I've reviewed her in the past but time for a bit of an update.
Wrap my legs behind my neck or yours & make my assets vib! | Niagara Region | Hamilton/Niagara (South) | Female Escorts | LeoList
In case the link goes dead her number is 289 931-5025

Yes the pics are her and yes she is that tall. Great attitude and service and has no problem having a conversation about anything. Gen can be a bit quiet and reserved if she hasn't met you before but once she gets to know you she is a lot of fun. GFE services, that needs no further explanation and she gives as good as she gets. She is quite responsive and vocal to oral and digit play (YMMV) and it was a pleasure to see and watch each and every one of her pleasurable moments. In return her BBBJ (and for those who will eventually ask, no to CIM) and the various positions we tried brought multiple rounds of pleasure to both of us in a very unrushed hour of fun. 
I would repeat and recommend! :good:

Angela @ Diamonds - I was in one of those moods to throwing caution into the wind and saw someone who was very new to the biz. And that was Angela. Was told she was new but open minded so I said let's go for it. Pics and info are as you see them.

When I met with Angela her newness to the biz was obvious, a bit nervous and unorganized but at the same time it was kind of cute. We spoke for a while to get more comfortable and she mentioned this was her first week on the job. She apologized for being a bit "out of sorts"Â so I just said not to worry about it starting any new job takes time to adapt to. So off we went for some fun and I have to admit Angela was all in from the start. Great DFK and very responsive to DATY and some digit play. Angela provided a very nice teasing BBBJ with some attempts at DT before we tried a few positions.
The only "downside"Â was her need to txt someone after our first round of fun. Normally I would have said something but with Angela being so new and the txt was literally done in seconds I saw no need to mention it but did mention it to the dispatcher afterwards since she wanted to know how things went.

With all things considered and knowing her comfort level and abilities would improve with time, I would recommend. But since I've seen her, I've heard she has become more restrictive in what she allows and does so others will have to add their input to her current level of service.

Jesi @ Diamonds - Dreadful is the easiest and shortest way to describe this adventure. One of the few and rare times Diamonds info and pics were off. She was listed as 5'4" and 127lbs. She's only 5ft, confirmed by Jesi and likely 10+ lbs heavier but she carries it well.
After 10 minutes of her talking about something related to sleep, a chat she wanted to continue even after we were in the bedroom. She then started with jack hammering BBBJ, followed by a poorly executed “porn face slap with the dick†and then DT where she fell asleep, not once but 3 times during the session. Suffice it to say that after the 3rd time and with 20 minutes left I called it a night saying I couldn't make it happen. And even with offering her the time to take a shower (she did) Jesi was 10 minutes late in leaving. All she wanted to do was talk, not certain about what because I really didn't care.
I called Diamonds and when the dispatcher asked how things went besides saying terribly, I also inquired if Jesi was working in the same time zone since her topics of conversation even during the session were all over the place.
Repeat or recommend? NEVER. Was one of my worst encounters ever. And her BBBJ skills rate as one of the top 2 worst I've ever had.
And this session was bad enough that I walked away from seeing ladies for quite some time.

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Very accurate reviews of Belle, Jewel, Sexy Gen & Dawn. I haven't seen the other two.


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I always enjoy your storytelling. I must nominate you to the hall of pooners.


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Just a thanks my way for taking the time and energy to help the needy :-Cool/"


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DR. Love;n1463689 said:
The hug slut


How did you come up with that one?.
With the help of some lady friends. :biggrin2:



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Meaning of your LTO_3 handle?. Ladies helped you on that too Funky & Music
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