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Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are more than just three of the most important cities in Canada. If you want to fulfill your deepest desires and needs, they will also be the cities of your dreams. Whether it’s an elegant dinner in one of Toronto’s finest restaurants, an intimate moment in some Montreal hotel, or if you just want to spend time in Vancouver, everything is better with the companionship of a beautiful and smart lady. Toronto escorts, Montreal escorts and Vancouver escorts are specialists in making locals and visitors live exciting experiences. Escorts in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver stand out for their intelligence, fluid conversation, beauty, and discretion. They can be super busty, spiny, curvy, tall, or short. Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto escorts can either have a hot sexy smile, a seductive personality or play party girl and sugar babies roles. They usually work in many places like restaurants, bars, hotels, and even at their own homes. Some escorts in Canada only do incalls OR outcalls, so keep abreast of those things to know if you must go to her/his workplace or if she/he goes to the place you are. However, it doesn’t matter what are you looking for, there are only a certain - you are going to find it in CAERF. Why are we so sure of that? Because CAERF is the most exciting adult community! So what are you waiting to join us and meet the sexiest escorts in Canada?

If you are new to that, don’t despair! First of all, you need to know where to find escorts in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver - and guess what? You’re a lucky guy! In the age of Internet, the most awesome ladies are just one click away. Online escort directories are the most classical option to know escorts working in your city. However, some of these websites may have fake profiles and you must be very careful to spot them. Some people decide to choose those escorts with professionally done photos but it isn’t a foolproof technique. In CAERF you will be able to read thousands of reviews before hiring an escort in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and their surrounding areas. Those posts have a lot of crucial information about hundreds of escorts working in the area, such as their services, rates, physical appearance and -more importantly- how it feels being with that specific escort. Learn from other users’ first-handed experiences and go confident to your date!

No time to do all this exhausting screening process? Don’t care. In CAERF, we understand the modern lifestyle where time is gold. That’s why you will find several Toronto escort agencies, Vancouver escort agencies and Montreal escort agencies ads on our website. They have high-quality standards that all their escorts must fulfill. Even when their rates could be more expensive than in an online directory, escorts agencies provide an invaluable service: they guarantee that your chosen escort is trustworthy and that your personal data is held in confidence. If you prefer to have a more ‘direct’ talk before hiring or avoid any intermediary, we have something for you too. Lots of Toronto independent escorts, Vancouver independent escorts and Montreal independent escorts post their daily schedules in CAERF.

In CAERF, you will have everything in the same place. Find an escort, read her/him reviews and contact her/him. It was never so easy! And best of all, you will find escorts not only in the main cities but also in the surrounding areas. There are hundreds of ads and reviews of escorts in Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, The Maritimes, Atlantic Canada, Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. So… keep calm and choose!

With a little help of your CAERF friends, your desires will have no ceiling. It doesn’t matter what your tastes or needs are, there will always be an escort to overcome your expectations. In CAERF, there is no space for boundaries or social stigmas between two (or more) free adults who meet each other and spend a nice moment together. To show that, we have included new sections where you can find Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto BDSM escorts as well as LGBT escorts. Besides, several escorts provide other services like GFE, sugar babies, and ‘doubles’. In the last time, most of them also begun to offer social distancing services like texting/sexting packages, webcam dates, video calls, and OnlyFans. You will find all the details well-organized and posted directly by the own escorts or their agencies in CAERF – so stop wasting time by visiting different websites and overloading your browser with thousands of windows!

Toronto escorts, Vancouver escorts and Montreal escorts accept money in exchange for their time and services. However, gifts are also really appreciated and will definitely make your escort remind you better for the next booking. In CAERF, we know that buying gifts (to anyone) can be a toothache, so we want to help you with that. First of all, visit your escort’s personal website and check if she/he has published a wish list. If not, don’t worry - wine, spa products, perfumes, and lingerie are always a winning choice. You can also ask other members of our community which gifts they usually give, or which is the best sex shop and lingerie in your city. (Yes, we also have special sections for that because a good organization is one of our priorities!).

Once you hired a Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto escort’s services, just follow the rules you both have agreed and let the escort do what she/he knows best. Don’t forget that their time is as precious as yours, so please be punctual. Be clean, well-dressed, and nice! Escorts are professionals: they’re doing a job and they deserve all our respect. If she/he goes to your house, it’s a nice gesture to offer your escort a drink or some snacks. Take this time to have small talk and know each other better. Communication is a key point in any human relationship and this is not the exception. Don’t be ashamed of letting she/he know what you’d like, respect her/his boundaries, and you will have a more exciting experience.

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